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Scary one

Pour les Francophones !

I liked the build up and ambiance of this game! the story was really solid!

We poked fun at the game but it was a great time. Really enjoyed it.

I really liked the game, the atmosphere is very good xD


Honestly, I love the LACK of information we're given. We've just stumbled onto a horrible secret beyond our mortal comprehension, and that's great. Well, not for us.


Great game!  The first time I noticed the poster changing gave me the chills, and the ending was super creepy.  Well done!

Oh, my. I brought up the poster just once and totally missed it. Didn't think it would give me such chills. Replayed it just to see this and it was worth it. Every chilling occurrence still gives me chills. This is a masterpiece.

For some reason, the poster made me think of Silent Hill 2 with Mary's letter, and how it will eventually go blank after a certain part of the game.  That's why I had the idea to keep looking at it throughout.

Gotdamit! Another detail I missed in another game.

Don't worry, that's definitely not a detail I caught on my own, but it *is* kind of mind-blowing when you think about it from a story perspective.  


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Interesting concept, thanks for the fun :D! 

Really fun little game! Loved the aesthetic! Would appreciate it if you come check out my video and subscribe!

This built a very good atmosphere and gave me goosebumps multiple times. Good use of sound. And lighting. I hope to see more, maybe something a bit longer next time! 

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😀

Interesting game.

Talk about a creepy forest!  The game had spooky but nice little story to it.  I liked the idea behind the game too!  Good job! 

very cool game


The atmosphere of this game is terrifying! I love it! I wasn't thinking much of it in the beginning because you're just following the snowy path, but it really builds up into something scary. A short horror experience is one thing, but if you're trying to go for something a bit more in-depth, then I'd suggest more various objectives to complete, a deeper story, and an actual enemy to either avoid or go head-to-head. The feeling and pace of what you create is excellent though!

Great work! 


you definitely spooked me! I jumped at the end!


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 4th, BONUS game there) and sub):


1. The plot is really cool! It reminded me a lot if SCP Containment Breach, actually. 

2. The monster appearance is so scary and powerful, though it's not a jumpscare. That's how games should do it! I think the pacing and created ambiance are very potent!


1. The character should say something about the flashlight. I didn't even know I had one! Played in a complete darkness like an idiot and was wining about the game "being too dark" XD Knowing that the character has a flashlight upon entering the bunker would be appreciated.

2. The fact that you find some evidence right after entering the forest is strange. "Search parties" would definitely clean up all the mess that they could before the bunker. At least all the mess that could be found by regular hoomans. maybe it would be cooler if you don't get to find backpacks lying around right off the bat, but smaller things that could have been unnoticed by anyone else but the main character?


I got scared so badly plying this! Sooo it means the game definitely deserves 5/5 rating. Though, it would be nice if my critic would be considered and polished a tiny bit more) Still, a very powerful experience! Great job!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks for playing :)

I added a flashlight tip in version 1.2, so hopefully that'll no longer be an issue to people playing for the first time. Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, sorry that I have played the version before the update then! Thank you for the answer)


Honestly, was an impressive. It was amazing to see how you crated a very dark and sinister atmosphere just by the environment and also through the documents you find outside. As I said in my video, it is very SCP-like (not sure if you were inspired by them or not) and you've managed to make it very, very spooky!

The wintery and bleak environment of the outside added to the overall tension of the game and the story and it increased as you found bits and pieces of clues as you explore more and go deeper into the game. The blood spots on the outside were very ominous and well done adding to the danger of the monster. 

The facility itself was REALLY well done and loved exploring it. The documents makes the player curious and want to explore more and go down deeper and the environment was fantastic. The locked doors made it so that navigation was required and the notes were really interesting to read. The monster at the end was pretty scary too and I got scared though I could not see it properly, so that was well done. The howl when you reach the end sets the scare and climax of the game and was done well.

Overall it was a great game and the only suggestions I would give you is to make more. I was really engrossed into the monster, the facility and what happened to everyone there and to the person you are trying to find and also the other guy she went with. It was all very interesting and would love to experience more of it. 

And also maybe tell the player that there was a flashlight feature. I just read in the comments that there was a flashlight and I didn't know about that.

But yeah, was honestly a really great game and would love to see more! Good luck on updates, and future projects and take care!

So, I accidentally played this game without a flashlight lol

The game starts at 5:12

My letsply!

Loved the game! I wasn't expecting to enjoy it, specially because some details during the first half of the game put me off - in particular, the "too late" sign felt out of place and the red stains on the ground were too foreboding. I dislike when danger is made too obvious

However, the second half in the abandoned facility was superb; the atmosphere was extremely oppressive, and I was really scared during that part. The worldbuilding was also awesome - it reminded me of SCP.

One small but impressive thing you did were the empty hallways in the facility with blocked doors: while in games like Silent Hill these lead to puzzles or to the good ol' "this door is shut tight", in your game this led to an even more disturbing atmosphere, as I was led by curiosity to check these places, only to find nothing except darkness, and having to endure more time listening to the ambient noise while I tried to navigate the facility.

Great job, specially for your first released game!


My husband played this game in his 2 Scary Games video that I edited for him. It's his first time playing scary games, so be kind to him. :)

He was honestly and genuinely scared, so I hope you enjoy this video. It's the second game in the video, and this was so much fun to make. 

Like and subscribe to us if you enjoyed. And I'm glad I picked this game out for him! Please make more so I can keep scaring him!!!

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

This game was so well engineered. The fact that I was hearing the same noises the whole game made me get used to them so when I saw the "monster" it felt a lot scarier than it should have been LOL. Here is my video if you are interested (game is at 5:49) :

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

I love horror games that have a snow based map so the beginning of this was so cool to walk through and The bunker was so creepy and cool I loved it as well. I happened to make a video on this game if that was ok. Good Luck on future projects.

(1 edit)

Great game ! I love the atmosphere (I love snow), the graphism are good and the story too.
The  sound  of  the  creature  remind  me Kayako Saeki which is a great thing :)

At the end, I just saw that we can go through the table

But good job !

This game really surprised me. I didn’t think I’d get into it as much as I did, but I found myself enjoying it and finding it really scary (especially toward the end). It always impresses me to see how much can be done with so little. 

One of my fav games I've plaued in recent week. Definitly looking forward to more content from you. 

i wanna how long this game is for use in a video. can anyone who has played this reply to me thx



I love this horror game! The creepy rusted environment is really scary.

Creepy game, loved the atmosphere in this one! Great job!


Amazing game as I was expecting it to be!

Wow! Atmosphere is top notch. The PSX style really lends to the creepiness and general unsettling feeling you get while playing. I got strong SCP vibes from the facility, not sure if that was purposeful or not? But I loved it! 


Amazing Story, And Even Better horror Game:

Bro you killed it, this game is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere and build-up overtime is unreal. Too many games focus on jumpscares and such to give the player a cheap scare, you managed to give off vibes from start to finish. I enjoyed every second of the gameplay, just wish it lasted a bit longer. The story was creative, the gameplay had me glued, the monster creeped me out. There is a larger story to unravel and I would love to see this be expanded, finally got to see the musical everyone was hyping up lmao.. For real though, keep it up, looking forward to future productions!


It's my own fault I didn't read the signs. Now i'm stuck in a musical forever

this was a great spooky experience. Loved the SCP facility vibes. 

I saw in your update you've been tweaking brightness. I'd suggest having an over all options for the player in future games since everyone's hardware is different.

Hey I did a gameplay of Hamilton. 

No doubt you were inspired by silent hill. the beginning looks and feels just like silent hill during day and inside of this building looks and feels just like silent hill during night. I love it! Ending was a bit weird. I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:

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