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Creepy game, loved the atmosphere in this one! Great job!


Amazing game as I was expecting it to be!

Wow! Atmosphere is top notch. The PSX style really lends to the creepiness and general unsettling feeling you get while playing. I got strong SCP vibes from the facility, not sure if that was purposeful or not? But I loved it! 


Amazing Story, And Even Better horror Game:

Bro you killed it, this game is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere and build-up overtime is unreal. Too many games focus on jumpscares and such to give the player a cheap scare, you managed to give off vibes from start to finish. I enjoyed every second of the gameplay, just wish it lasted a bit longer. The story was creative, the gameplay had me glued, the monster creeped me out. There is a larger story to unravel and I would love to see this be expanded, finally got to see the musical everyone was hyping up lmao.. For real though, keep it up, looking forward to future productions!


It's my own fault I didn't read the signs. Now i'm stuck in a musical forever

this was a great spooky experience. Loved the SCP facility vibes. 

I saw in your update you've been tweaking brightness. I'd suggest having an over all options for the player in future games since everyone's hardware is different.

Hey I did a gameplay of Hamilton. 

No doubt you were inspired by silent hill. the beginning looks and feels just like silent hill during day and inside of this building looks and feels just like silent hill during night. I love it! Ending was a bit weird. I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:


Great use of sound and 'left messages,' to build up the atmosphere and tension. I'd love to know more about the characters involved and the Lovecraftian horrors that dwell within the facility. Although not a major fan of the PS1 visual aesthetic, Hamilton created an eerie, creepy vibe throughout, that started with a slow burn and ended with a bittersweet finale. EVERYTHING IS. OK...SEND ASSISTANCE. 

Would love to see more like this - great indie horror game and would definitely recommend. 


  1. Great Build Up and tension
  2. Messages Conveyed throughout the game led to this player genuinely intrigued and wanting to find out more
  3. Sounds and overall aesthetic made a chilling and tense playing experience. 


  1. Brightness setting could be implemented. Inside the facility was a little too dark.
  2. Ending could be considered a little anti-climatic
  3. It's short! (Not really a con but wanted more, dammit!)

This game has a way of building fear. For a first horror game it has everything you need. Atmosphere, Visuals. I hope you continue to make games.

A very solid indie horror, I cannot really find many faults in it and as I usually would say, it did what was needed, built up the atmosphere and ended, even if some may think it prematurely or 'without a bang', which can variably be a problem. I hope you continue making horror games similar to this, perhaps a bit longer and more depth, but the aesthetics and atmosphere were great.

This game's pretty damn good. Creeped me the hell out, that's for sure. Haha

That is quite the atmosphere you built!

Your game is the first part of the video. I really enjoyed the eerie noises and darkness. Backstory is simple and straight to the point but somehow did not detract the feel of the place. I would make the monster faster and more startling if you wanted more fear. Being slow and encroaching makes it more creepy then scary. Props to you for your first horror game!
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I loved how the atmosphere builds up and that ending creeped me out. Your game was the first one i played.


The abandoned place really freaks me out. You did a good job of adding rusted textures and sound effects to scare the player. I enjoyed it!


Hey! I've seen a playthrough of CJU Games and I will say it like he did : you did a lot with little. It was great! I never seen a textured cube being translated being so frightning, to be honest

I'm really interested how you did the game. What's the engine you're using? Is it an old engine or a recent one with an old look ?

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Thank you! I'm currently using Unity. This is how I did most of the visuals:

  • PSXEffects (free alternatives are available) for the camera which let me set render resolution to 320x240 and add dithering. 
  • I used the PSX shader that came with PSXEffects on some geometry, mostly small props on the inside and the cliffs on the outside. 
  • Textures are 128x128 with no filtering.
  • Models are all very low poly with 256x256 textures.

Unity ? That's great news!

Thanks a lot, I might look into this.


The atmosphere, sound design and the ending just got me so bad! Thank you for the experience! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 


Great Atmosphere! 

I wish the game was longer though, ending was a little underwhelming. I'll be looking out for your stuff in the future


man i love the game. it has very nice story and the way it is designed it creating an atmosphere of fear :)


5 stars! A truly amazing game! The old ps1 aesthetic really adds to the feeling. The mood and lighting contributed to the complete dread I was feeling. I jumped a few times, especially at the end. It gave me a sense of paranoia, fear, and nerves, which in this case is exactly what I wanted! I can't wait to possibly see more projects, you really have a talent for this, I can tell!


(Third game in the video, starting at 23:00)

This is one of the few indie horror games recently that has maintained a tense and unsettling environment. I wish there was more to the story, but at the same time, the game is excellent for what it is- AND for a first release and attempt at horror. Fantastic work, and good luck on future projects. I'll be sure to check them out :)

Thank you! I'll do my best! 


This was such a fun game to play. The story progressing, atomosphere and slow burn really help the ending build up which freaked me out pretty big time. Love the concept as well as overall creep factor.


Although it was a short experience, this was pretty good for a first game. I really liked how well written the narrative was, and the use of the poster and images was a nice touch. It was pretty dark at times throughout the game but overall it was a creepy horror game. Keep up the good work! I made a gameplay video if anyone is interested in watching. Thank you for your time and have a great day! :)


This is truly amazing game. For a 10-minutes of gameplay it has deeper atmosphere than any horror game I've seen. Are you going to expand the game? I would support the game without a question if it appeared on Kickstarter.

Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to me. I don’t have any plans to expand Hamilton but I do have plans for something bigger that I’m still trying to figure out. All I’ll say is that it will be very similar in style to Hamilton.

It's a shame it doesn't get expansion, but still looking forward to seeing your new game.

Also, I've watched only walkthrough before, but damn, it gave me legit chills when I played it personally. That running shadow is just a masterpiece of a chilling event.

I've also noticed that you've changed "she" to "best friend". I thought that you were playing as her father. Is there a specific reason you've chosen the role of a best friend?

There was no indication about what the player's relation to her was, which I noticed led to a bit of confusion among some people. Honestly I didn't really put any deep thought into it so I went with best friends as to not try to force too much of a specific sort of role onto the player while still having her be someone that the player would bother looking for. 

I see. It's just initially you could imagine yourself being related to her based on officer's interaction from the intro: what the officer says and how he does it (that's one good writing) implies stronger relation than best friends. From my point of view at least. Unless, of course, she doesn't have anyone closer.


I loved the art style and the game made me feel tense the whole time 

Thanks for playing, and for the video!


This game was incredibly creepy from the atmosphere to the notes and story! Really unsettling stuff and shows why sound is so important, loved this! This was the second game in the video! 

Glad you enjoyed it! Happy to see it creeped you out :)


Not gonna lie but this game was interesting to play. great game you guys. ive uploaded it on my channel for you to check it out!

Thanks for playing, I appreciate it!


Great job on the atmosphere and design of the game! The ending got me hooked on the lore behind the exclusion zone, and what lies further inside its depths.


This was so much fun! The atmosphere was spooky.

Thank you for playing!


Hey bro I really like this game and I made my 3rd commentary gameplay. Those who are watching my video please support mee, I want motivations to do more videos efficiently


Fantastic atmosphere in this game! I was on edge the whole time in the bunker area.


Hey I reviewed your game


Damn, it was real creepy as I entered the building, the atmosphere/sound effect and game style made it real spooky. I was so scared at the part, where the dude was walking, making loud footsteps. Overall it's a good game.


This was scary but I missed the final jumpscare, rip me

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The game was nice well made and I loved the 4:3 ratio but I didn’t know that you had a flashlight which made it harder for me to see but here’s my let’s play


This was insanely creepy. I was being very goofy in the beginning, but as the game went on, I couldn't help but clam up and become immersed in the terrifying environment. The game builds up tension incredibly well, and keeps you in fear after a certain point. I really liked this! 


The atmosphere in the game was nice and the pages really help tell the story. The fact that was was barely anything chasing you also helps with the creep factor. Overall, nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Really spooky game. The atmosphere was scary and kept me anxious for almost the entire playthrough. I enjoyed this game thoroughly. I did a playthrough of the game and I will link it below if you're interested in watching.

Thank you for the video, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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